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Key Facts about Poland *

Population of 38.1M – comparable with California

Area of 121 000 sq miles – comparable with Arizona

GDP per capita of $19k – 28th place WW (+2.6% expected in 2012)

Unemployment rate at 12% – at European Union average

Inflation rate at around 3,5% vs. 3% average for EU

Attractive salary levels up to 40% lower vs. Western Europe

VAT: 23%, Income Tax: 18-32%, Corporate Tax – 19%

Youngest population in Europe (50% of Poles below age 37)

* in 2011. Sources: International Monetary Fund, Ministry of Economics in Poland, Polish Central Statistical Office, Polish Foreign Investment & Information Agency


GDP growth in 2011:
4.3% in Poland vs. 1.5% in the EU


20 m people aged 35 and less.
Almost 2 m students.

Tax breaks

CIT exemption in a Special Economic Zone.
Real estate tax exemption.